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Sen. Samantha Marshall

Sen. Samantha Marshall

Constituency : St. Mary’s South
Samantha N. Marshall is committed to seeing education available to all persons from all walks of life. Her own experiences – both inside and outside of Antigua – have taught her that education is a means of advancing the living standards of all persons.

A member of the Bar Association in Antigua and Barbuda, Ms. Marshall owns her own law firm, Stapleton Chambers in St John’s. She has established a reputation as one of the island’s leading attorneys, and has spent years helping members of the St. Mary’s South community.

As a member of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party, Samantha believes it is her duty to the constituency of Saint Mary’s South to fulfill her ambition to help enrich the lives of Antiguans and Barbudans. She believes that with each decision a government makes; with each step it takes; and with each thought it processes, it should do so in the fulfillment of the objective to improve the lifestyle of each of its citizens. Not only does Government have an obligation to provide and make available educational opportunities to all, it equally has an obligation to create opportunities for sustainable employment; proper health care and to have programmes in place for development of communities and the State on a whole.

Recently, she has been very disturbed by the increasing unemployment, high cost of living and massive utility disconnections through the communities. Samantha further is disappointed with poor health care standards, inadequate education facilities and performance by our students as well as the lack of efficient safety and security provisions in her constituency. Women particularly have been vulnerable with many crimes against them having gone inefficiently and inadequately investigated. Samantha answered this call and in 2008 after a series of atrocious crimes against women joined with other women and formed the group “Women Against Rape” to fulfill the role of a support entity and an awareness group in an effort to help the victims and families cope with such traumatic incidents.