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With too many of our fellow Antiguans and Barbudans out of work and an economy that simply isn’t creating enough jobs, it is time to bring change to our government. After 10 years in power, Baldwin Spencer and the UPP have failed our country. Gaston Browne and Team Labour are ready to rebuild our economy, ready to fight crime, and ready to put our nation back to work.
Under the UPP’s failed economic policies, too many Antiguans and Barbudans can’t find jobs as unemployment has reached record high levels. We must bring jobs back into our nation. Change of government to end the UPP’s failed policies is the only way to make that happen.

The UPP has raised taxes on all Antiguans and Barbudans. From imposing a personal income tax to creating a sales tax, the UPP broke their promise and hurt the nation’s economy.
The ABLP will reform the tax laws, lowering taxes on all Antiguans and Barbudans. We will eliminate the Personal Income Tax, putting over EC$40 million back into the pockets of hardworking citizens. We will waive taxes on inputs including capital equipment for investment purposes to help businesses create jobs.

Under the UPP, Antigua and Barbuda have witnessed an alarming increase in crime in our nation. The UPP’s failure to address this has made too many of us hostages in our own homes. Young people have been hit the hardest by the UPP’s failed economic policies, with too many of them have turned to drugs and crime. By allowing crime to fester in our communities, the UPP has made it harder to bring investment and jobs to our country.
The ABLP knows that the only way that we will get crime under control is by empowering your nation’s youth with good jobs. But to start addressing the issue, we would immediately enlarge and strengthen the Police Service upon taking office. We will train our crime fighters in modern techniques and adequately equip them so our police can effectively fight crime.
Under the UPP, Antigua and Barbuda’s young people have been left behind. Too many of our youth have turned to drugs and crime since they can’t find work. Many of our brightest students are forced to live overseas after university because they simply cannot find work back home.
The ABLP will put our youth back to work, help them find housing, and provide access to funding for small business development. We will make the dream of the University of Antigua and Barbuda a reality. And we will create opportunities for youth to serve on statutory corporation boards and in both houses of Parliament.

UPP’s Corruption & Mismanagement
The UPP’s mismanagement and corruption has cost us jobs and sent investments to our neighboring Caribbean countries. From the Half Moon Bay acquisition to the Andre Guitterez airport expansion, and the many other abandoned projects spread across our communities, it is clear that the UPP has to go.

The UPP has failed to address the healthcare needs of the Antiguan and Barbudan communities. By under-funding the Mount St. John Hospital, Antiguans and Barbudans are left with extensive emergency room wait times, frequent shortages of hospital supplies, inefficient equipment for tests, and a shortage of doctors.
The ABLP will address this crisis in our healthcare system by meeting budgetary obligations to MSJMC, which will ensure shorter emergency wait times, attract more competent doctors, and purchase ample medical supplies and operational equipment.

As a result of the UPP’s incompetence, the students of Antigua and Barbuda have been left with a failing education system. Under the UPP, our schools have become dilapidated, classrooms have become mold-infested, and buildings are without consistent water supply. The UPP’s ‘voluntary separation’ package has resulted in substandard Math and English test scores and qualified teachers are leaving the school system. After a decade in power they have failed our nation’s students.
Team Labour is ready to rebuild our schools and education system. The youths are the future of Antigua and Barbuda. We will raise the standard of teaching and repair school facilities. The ABLP will rectify failing Math and English scores by initiating special education clinics, and providing increased teacher certification and training at Government’s expense.